Update on LockState Issue
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LockState 6i/6000i Update

Dear Lockstate Customer,

We notified you earlier today of a potential issue with your LS6i lock.  We are sorry to inform you about some unfortunate news. Your lock is among a small subset of locks that had a fatal error rendering it inoperable.  After a software update was sent to your lock, it failed to reconnect to our web service making a remote fix impossible.  In order to fix your lock, there are two options:

Option 1

The back portion of the lock will need to be returned to LockState so that the software on the lock can be updated.  Total time to fix and return: 5-7 days

Option 2

LockState can ship a replacement interior lock for you to replace.  You can then send the faulty lock back to Lockstate.  Total lead time: 14 - 18 days.

We realize the impact that this issue may have on you and your business and we are deeply sorry.  Every employee and resource at LockState is focused on resolving this for you as quickly as possible.

We have setup this email address (6000i@lockstate.com) in order to process your return/replacement.  Please reply to this email with your option choice (Option 1 or Option 2 above). Once we receive your reply, we will immediately start the process for your replacement or return.

We will pay for the shipping of your lock both to LockState and the return back to you within the continental US.  We will also be providing you with 1 year of free service for the LockState Connect Portal for these locks

We hope that you will give us a chance to regain your trust.


Nolan Mondrow
CEO, LockState


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